Dynamic Voluntary Contribution to a Public Project under Time Inconsistency (with A. Altınok)

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2017) forthcoming. pdf

Religiosity and Fairness Perceptions (with C. Elgin and M.Y. Gürdal)

Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics (2016) vol.9(3-4), 182-199. pdf

Auctioning a Discrete Public Good under Incomplete Information

Theory and Decision, (2015) vol.78(3), 471-500. pdf

Contracting with a Naive Time-inconsistent Agent: To exploit or not to exploit?

Mathematical Social Sciences, (2015) vol.77, 46-51. pdf

Repeated Moral Hazard with a Time-inconsistent Agent

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, (2013) vol.95, 70-89. pdf

Other Publications:

A Dynamic Investment Model under Time Inconsistency (with B. Karaçay)

Boğaziçi Journal Review of Social, Economic and Administrative Studies (2016) vol.30(1), 23-49. pdf

A Dynamic Model of Mixed Duopolistic Competition: Open Source vs Proprietary Innovation (with S. Akbulut), Theoretical Economics Letters (2015) vol.5(6), 730-738. pdf

Working Papers:

Economics of Open Source Technology: A Dynamic Approach (with J. Suh) pdf Revised&Resubmitted

Nonlinear Pricing under Inequity Aversion (with C.G. Destan) pdf

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