Dynamic Voluntary Contribution to a Public Project under Time Inconsistency (with A. Altınok)

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, (2018) vol.145, 114-140. pdf

Religiosity and Fairness Perceptions (with C. Elgin and M.Y. Gürdal)

Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics, (2016) vol.9(3-4), 182-199. pdf

Auctioning a Discrete Public Good under Incomplete Information

Theory and Decision, (2015) vol.78(3), 471-500. pdf

Contracting with a Naive Time-inconsistent Agent: To exploit or not to exploit?

Mathematical Social Sciences, (2015) vol.77, 46-51. pdf

Repeated Moral Hazard with a Time-inconsistent Agent

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, (2013) vol.95, 70-89. pdf

Other Publications:

A Dynamic Investment Model under Time Inconsistency (with B. Karaçay), Boğaziçi Journal Review of Social, Economic and Administrative Studies (2016) vol.30(1), 23-49. pdf

A Dynamic Model of Mixed Duopolistic Competition: Open Source vs Proprietary Innovation (with S. Akbulut), Theoretical Economics Letters (2015) vol.5(6), 730-738. pdf

Working Papers:

Economics of Open Source Technology: A Dynamic Approach (with J. Suh) pdf Revised&Resubmitted

Nonlinear Pricing under Inequity Aversion (with C.G. Destan)

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