Boğaziçi University, Department of Economics, Fall 2016

Instructor: Murat YILMAZ

Office: NB 215

Phone: 212 359 7646


Office hour: By appointment

Class hours: Monday 6 (IB312), Wednesday 78 (NBZ12)

Grad TA: Ufuk Serkan Yıdırım, email:

                 OH: Wed 10:00-11:00 (NB207)

Student TAs:  Sueda Evirgen,, PS: Tue 17:00-18:00

                        Terra Tatar,, PS: Mon 17:00-18:00   



  1. 1.Durability and Monopoly

(R.H. Coase, Journal of Law and Economics, 1972) pdf

  1. 2.Durable Goods Theory for Real World Markets

(M. Waldman, Journal of Economics Perspectives, 2003) pdf

  1. 3.Your Very Own Personal Air Fare

(Christopher Elliott, NY Times, August 2005) pdf

  1. 4.A Big Factor in Prescription Drug Pricing: Location, Location, Location

(H.R. Varian, NYTimes, September, 2000) pdf

  1. 5.Pricing Electronic Journals

(H.R. Varian, D-lib Magazine, U. of California, Berkeley, June 1996) pdf

  1. 6.The Role of Investment in Entry-Deterrence

(A. Dixit, The Economic Journal, vol 90, 1980) pdf

  1. 7.Stability in Competition

(H. Hotelling, The Economic Journal, vol 39, 1929) pdf

  1. 8.Monopolistic Competition with Outside Goods

(S.C. Salop, The Bell Journal of Economics, vol 10, 1979) pdf

  1. 9.A Supergame Theoretic Model of Price Wars During Booms

(J.J. Rotemberg, G. Saloner, American Economic Review, vol 76, 1986) pdf

  1. 10.Noncooperative Collusion under Imperfect Price Information

(A.J. Green and R.H. Porter, Econometrica, vol 52, 1984) pdf