Working Papers and Work-in-Progress

  • Transatlantic Differences in Taxation, Redistribution and Provision of Public Goods: How Fair is Inequality? 
  • Higher Education in a Heterogeneous-Agent Economy:Revisiting the Transatlantic Differences
  • Marginal Cost of Public Funds under the Presence of Informality (with Ceyhun Elgin)
  • Energy Intensity and the Size of the Informal Sector (with Ceyhun Elgin and Metin Başbay)
  • Progressivity of Taxation under the Presence of Informality (with Ceyhun Elgin and Burak Uras)
  • Structure of Wage, Income and Consumption Inequality in Turkey (with Nazım Tamkoç)
  • Business Cycles and Social Mobility (with Oğuz Öztunalı)
  • Taxation and Disenfranchisement (with Haishan Yuan)
  • Politico-Economic Implications of Aging on Human Capital (with Haishan Yuan)
  • Effort or Luck? An Experimental Investigation on the Role of Taxes in Fairness of Income Inequality (with Yiğit Gürdal)
  • On the Business Cycle Implications of Risk Aversion Formulation (with Alan Finkelstein-Shapiro)


  • Asymmetric Effects of Oil Prices on Manufacturing Sector of Turkey (with C. Emre Alper)
        Review of Middle East Economics and Finance, Berkeley Electronic Press, 2010, Vol. 6(1), pp 90-105.

  •  Asymmetric Adjustment of Retail Gasoline Prices in Turkey to World Crude Oil Price Changes: The Role of Taxes (with C. Emre Alper)
        Economics Bulletin, 2009, Vol. 29 no.2 pp. 775-787.

  •  Oil Prices, Aggregate Economic Activity and Global Liquidity Conditions: Evidence from Turkey (with C. Emre Alper)
        Economics Bulletin, 2008, Vol. 27, no.1, pp. 1-8.