Prospective Applicants forthe M.A. Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Whatare the dates regarding the application process ?

A: The exact dates are announced in the graduate application webpage. 

Q: How will the applicationsbe processed and admission decisions reached?

A: Based on the ALES/GRE scores,undergraduate performance, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose students are conditionally accepted to theprogram. Applicants may be interviewed if necessary. Conditional acceptance decisions are made in early June. After conditional acceptance to the program (prior to registration) there willbe a preparatory course offered during summer school (EC489). The course willcover topics in mathematics for economics with applications in intermediatelevel macroeconomics and microeconomics, and statistics/econometrics. Students who are not able to attend this course due to a valid excuse (theexcuse of the student is evaluated by the graduate committee) will have to takea waiver exam during the first week of August to be admitted to the program.The final decision for acceptance is made by the graduate committee byevaluating the performances of the applicants in this course.

Q: Is it possible to start tothe program at the Spring term?

A: No.Q: Is it possible to make atransfer to the program? A: No.

Q: Do you makedifferentiation among universities and undergraduate degrees earned in theadmission decision?

A: No, we don't. Our graduate students have a diverse educationalbackground. Around half of the students enrolled have an undergraduate degreein economics and, again, around half of them have completed an undergraduateprogram at Boğaziçi University.

Q: Do you consider foreignapplicants?

A: Our program is open to international students andwe welcome them, but we have not had international students in ourgraduate programs in Economics in recent years. Unfortunately, ourdepartment is not able to provide financial assistance to internationalstudents due to governmental regulations. 

Q: Do I need to prove myproficiency in English?

A: Yes. The Boğaziçi University proficiency requirement equallyapplies for our Program. For detailed information, see the web page Official test scores haveto be submitted until the registration deadline set by Boğaziçi University. Forthis year's YADYOK exam please refer to: Youneed to directly contact the related offices of the university mentioned above.

Q: What prerequisiteknowledge is required?

A: An intermediate level of calculus and introductory levels of microeconomicsand macroeconomics knowledge is highly recommended.

Q: How about the class size?

A: The average class size is around 25.

Q: How long will it take tocomplete the program?

A: The curriculum is designed to be completed in two full years (4semesters not including Summer terms). During the first year students take therequired courses and the elective courses are taken during the second year. Themaximum time allowed to complete the program is 6 academic semesters (notincluding the Summer terms).

Q: What are the academicrules that I have to follow?

A: Like other programs, we have a list of academic rules that wehave to follow. For detailed information:

Q: How about assistantshipsand financial aid?

A: The Department has 14 assistantships positions available. Thesepositions are almost equally shared by the first and second year students. Eachyear an announcement for application is made to students enrolled in ourgraduate programs. Graduate students employed as assistants serve as researchassistants to faculty members and as teaching assistants to undergraduate andgraduate courses. Additionally, faculty members may hire graduate students fortheir projects (through BAP, TUBİTAK, etc.), however these hiring decisions aremade by the faculty members themselves.For the first year students it ispossible to apply for assistantships after the EC489 course. Students planning to apply for an assistantship must takethe ALES exam as well as part of the state employment requirement. Offeredassistantships will be re-evaluated each year based on academicperformance.  First year assistantshipsare generally extended to the second year. There is no extension for the secondyear assistantships.  

Q: Can I register atundergraduate courses?

A: Upon the approval of the graduate advisor, limited number of upperlevel undergraduate courses can be taken as electives.

Q: Can I transferundergraduate courses to the graduate degree?

A: No, it is not possible.

Q: Is it possible to transfergraduate courses taken at other universities?

A: The required courses of the first year must be taken at BoğaziçiUniversity. Elective courses can only be transferred upon the approval of thegraduate advisor.

Q: Will the program followBoğaziçi University's calendar?

A: Yes. The academic calendar is available at:

Q: Where are the recentgraduates placed?

A: Among the recent graduates of the M.A. program, about half ofthem are continuing with their studies at prestigious Ph.D. programs in US andEurope. A list of the recent placements in graduate schools is available here. Remaining graduates are either employed in organizations such as the CentralBank of Turkey, the Turkish Treasury, or other financial institutions andprivate sector companies. 

Q: Whatis the registration fee for the courses I need to register (including EC 489)

A: Please contact registrar'soffice. (tel: 212-359-44-08 or 212-359-70-88). Thefee for EC489 is significantly lower then compared to other summer classesoffered by the summer school at Bogazici University.

Q: Areclasses held during the days or evenings?

A: Classes are held duringday-time. They generally start at 9:00 AM. There is an Executive Masters Program in Economics and Finance whichholds classes in the evenings. For details, please visit

Q: Can Ihave a part-time or a full-time job outside the department?

A: No, since it is a full-time program,we do not allow masters student to work.

Q: Whatare the contents of EC 489 and when will it start?

A: EC 489 will follow theschedule of the summer school. Please visit  for details. The contents of the course willgenerally be geared towards mathematical preparation for the masters program.

Q: I ama Bogazici University student. Do I need to prove my English proficiency?

A: No.

Q: I am currently a student at the Department of Economics at BogaziciUniversity. Do I need a reference letter?

A: No, but you need to providethe name of two faculty members in our department that would write you such areference letter.

Q:  Do you offer housing for masters students?

A: Pleasecontact the Housing Office for availability. 212-359-45-44

Q: Do you accept references by email?

A: No.

Q: Whenis the official registration?

A: It is in September. See theacademic schedule. You need to provide your English sufficiency until thattime.

Q:I will get support from TUBITAK. Can I be a graduate assistant as well? Do youguarantee that I will finish the program with a thesis as required by theTUBITAK support?

A:  Yes you can apply forassistantships. However, we do not guarantee under any circumstances that youwill write a thesis in our department. Writing a thesis will depend on yourindividual effort (having a GPA of at least 3.0 by the end of the first year)in the program and finding a thesis supervisor for your thesis. Please becareful about this issue when applying for TUBITAK support.

Q: Is there a specific format for thereference letter?  Can it be in Turkish?

A: No there is no specific formatfor English letters. They can be in Turkish or English.

Q: Is there a specific format for the statement of purpose?  Can it be in Turkish?

A: Statement of Purpose mustbe written in English and should be less than two A4 pages long.