Frequently Asked Questions

1)      Is the “Essay” section of the SAT used as an evaluation criterion?

No, the “Essay” section is not used as a criterion.

2)      Do courses which I have failed or withdrawn from in my own department prevent me from being eligible to apply to transfer? Does it matter how many courses I have withdrawn from?

The important thing is that you have enough transfer credits. As long as you do, it does not matter how many courses you have failed or withdrawn from.

3)      Where must I submit my documents? Must I submit them in person?

Documents must be submitted directly to the Registrar’s Office. It is okay for somebody else to submit your documents in your name.

4)      In the event that I am accepted, which courses may I transfer? How is the “transfer average“ calculated?

After evaluating your application, the Transfer Commission decides which courses you may transfer. All such courses must have been completed with a grade of at least CC. Your “transfer average” is the GPA as calculated using the weighted average of transferred courses based on their number of credits.

5)      Is the “transfer average” or the general GPA used when deciding if an application meets the transfer  requirements?

The transfer average is used.

6)      Where can I learn the dates on which I can take the SAT?

7)      It is indicated that the two required Calculus courses may be taken at the Boğaziçi University summer school. I have either not ever taken a Calculus course of which the contents meet the requirements indicated above. I have contacted the summer school and been informed that it is not possible to take the two required courses simultaneously. Is it possible to have my application evaluated if I take just the Calculus 1 course?

No. Successfully completing both Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 is required for your application to be accepted.

8)      I have taken the ÖSS, my score as calculated based on the above criteria is 3.49999. May I apply?

No. The required criteria for applying are not flexible.

9)      I have taken Mathematics for Business 1 and 2 at my current university. Will these count for Calculus 1 and 2?

No, we do not accept them.