Application Requirements

There are two ways to transfer to the Economics Department if you are already a Bogazici student.

i) Central placement: If a student has an equal weighted score (TM) from YOS exam that is above the minimum score accepted by the Economics department for the exam year, than he/she can apply to Registration during the application period and be transferred to Economics conditional on university governmental board approval. There are no quotas for this type of transfer

ii) Normal transfer: Independent of the score type students who satisy both the preconditions (A) and the minimum requirements (B) can apply for a normal transfer. The students who meet both (A) and (B) will be ranked from top to bottom according to transfer point (C) and will be admitted the until that year’s available quota is filled. No interviews of applicants will be conducted; students’ high schools and current departments will not be used as criteria for evaluation.


Students seeking to apply for an internal transfer must have met all prerequisites indicated at In addition, all candidates must meet the below requirements designated by the Department of Economics. The internal and external transfer application period is 11-18 July 2018 according to the Boğaziçi University academic calendar. Applications must be made in person at the Boğaziçi University Registrar’s Office either by the applicant or another person on the applicant’s behalf.



Students applying for an internal transfer must have either University Entrance (ÖSS/YGS/LYS) or SAT scores documented. No applications in which this document is missing will be evaluated. You may obtain an official certified copy of this document by applying to the ÖSYM or the Registrar’s Office.


It is required for all applicants to have taken two 4-credit Calculus courses (Math 101 and Math 102) before applying. It is possible to take these courses in the Boğaziçi University summer school. Students must pass both of these courses with a grade of at least CC. For more information: It is a strict prerequisite to applying for an internal transfer that these two courses be completed successfully. 


All applicants must have taken at least one economics course per semester they have studied.


Students can use ÖSS/YGS/LYS or SAT scores in their applications. Those students who were admitted via the YÖS exam will have their YÖS scores normalized such that the minimum YÖS score determined by the Boğaziçi University Economics Department will be equivalent to a score of 3,5.  

During the evaluation process, the number of correct and incorrect responses on the Math and Turkish sections (indicated on applicants’ ÖSS/YGS/LYS Exam Results Document) will be used to calculate an adjusted ÖSS/YGS/LYS score. Therefore, an official certified copy of the ÖSS exam results documenting the number of correct and incorrect responses on the verbal and quantitative sections must be included in the internal transfer application. The calculation of the adjusted ÖSS/YGS/LYS score is detailed below. A minimum adjusted score of 2.5 is required.

Calculation of adjusted ÖSS/YGS/LYS score

For applicants who took the university entrance exam after 2011 the adjusted exam score is given by :

(120-question Math section) [(YGS-Basic Math #correct + LYS1 (Math + Geometry) #correct)-0.25*(YGS- Basic Math #incorrect + LYS1 (Math + Geometry) #incorrect)]/120]*3.5 + [(YGS-Turkish #correct-0.25*YGS-Turkish #incorrect)/40]*0.5 >=2.5.

In other words, YGS Basic Math, LYS1 Math and LYS 1 Geometry total NET correct answers first will be divided by 120 and multiplied by 3.5. Then, YGS Turkish NET correct answers will be divided by 40 and multiplied by 0.5 and the resulting number will be added to the previous result. The outcome should be at least 2.5. NET correct number is found by multiplying the total incorrect answers by 0.25 and then subtracting the result from the number of total correct answers.

Calculation of adjusted SAT score

On the SAT I (Scholastic AptitudeTest I) "Reasoning" exam, a minimum score of 450 on the "Verbal" section and a minimum score of 780 on the "Math" section are required. (Only the Math score will be used as part of the evaluation). A score of 780 on the SAT I Math 780 will correspond to a 3.5 on a 4-point scale, while a score of 800 will correspond to a score of 4. The SAT exam in Turkey is administered by Robert College (Istanbul). For more information:; For SAT exam dates, see


Internal transfer candidates’ applications will be evaluated solely on their weighted transfer score, which consists of weighted average calculated by adding 75% of the candidate’s adjusted ÖSS/YGS/LYS/SAT score and 25% of the candidate’s grade point average among transferred courses. (All scores are normalized and calculated on a 4-point scale. The transfer committee will determine the courses that can be transferred after you made your application)