The following papers are published as part of Boğaziçi University Institute of Social Sciences working paper series. Please click the working paper numbers to download the papers.

EC 201813
Zenginobuz, E. Ü. ve Sosay, G., “The Impact of International Agencies on the Evolution of Independent Regulatory Agencies in the Mena Region: Economic Sector Agencies in Turkey,” Boğaziçi University Working Papers
EC 201812
Zenginobuz, E. Ü. ve Toprak, H., “Tax Policies and Social Expenditures in Turkey: Impacts on Poverty and Inequality”, Boğaziçi University Working Papers
EC 201810
Torul, O.,Aktuğ, E. ve Kuzubaş, T. U., “Heterogeneity in Labor Income Profiles: Evidence from Turkey”
EC 201809
Torul, O., Gürdal, M. Y. ve Vostroknutov, A., “Norm Compliance, Enforcement, and the Survival of Redistributive Institutions”
EC 201808
Torul, O., Elgin, C. ve Türk, T. “Marginal Cost of Public Funds under the Presence of Informality”
EC 201807
Torul, O., Öztunalı, O. ve Yıldırım, U. S., “Intergenerational Educational Mobility and Preferences for Redistribution in Europe”
EC 201805
Karaman, K, Pamuk, S ve Yildirim, S. 2018. 'Money and Monetary Stability in Europe, 1300-1914'. London, Centre for Economic Policy Research.
EC 201804
Ege Aksu, Refik Erzan, and Murat Güray Kırdar "The Impact of Mass Migration of Syrians on the Turkish Labor Market"
EC 201803
Erzan R. "Customs Union between EU and Turkey: A Success Story to be Nurtured"
EC 201802
Akhan N., Dönmez A., Erzan R., Kuzubaş T.U. "Exchange Rates and Export Behavior: Firm-level Evidence from Turkey"
EC 201801
Hatipoglu O. and Akyuz A. "Donor-oriented foreign aid, trade and growth"