The following papers are published as part of Boğaziçi University Institute of Social Sciences working paper series. Please click the working paper numbers to download the papers.

ISS/EC 2010-13 Tolga U. Kuzubas "Endogenous Social Networks in the Labor Market"
ISS/EC 2010-12 Ceyhun Elgin & Turkmen Goksel & Mehmet Y. Gurdal & Cuneyt Orman "Religion, Income Inequality, and the Size of the Government"
ISS/EC 2010-11 Ceyhun Elgin & Semih Tumen "Can Sustained Economic Growth and Declining Population Coexist? Barro-Becker Children Meet Lucas"
ISS/EC 2010-10 Gokce Basbug & Ceyhun Elgin "The More Expecting to Have a Job, the More Having It"
ISS/EC 2010-09 Deniz Cicek and Ceyhun Elgin "Cyclicality of Fiscal Policy and the Shadow Economy"
ISS/EC 2010-08 Ceyhun Elgin "Political Turnover, Taxes and the Shadow Economy"
ISS/EC 2010-07 Deniz Cicek & Ceyhun Elgin "Not-Quite-Great Depressions of Turkey: A Quantitative Analysis of Economic Growth over 1968 - 2004"
ISS/EC 2010-06 Ceyhun Elgin "A Theory of Economic Development with Endogenous Fertility"
ISS/EC 2010-05 Fikret Adaman & Ayse Mumcu "Perceptions on Governance Effectiveness and Informality: A Self-ful lling Equilibrium"
ISS/EC 2010-04 Caroline Van Rijckeghem "Determinants of Private Saving in Turkey: An Update"
ISS/EC 2010-03 E. Ünal Zenginobuz & Fikret Adaman & Fatoş Gökşen & Çağrı Savcı & M. Emre Tokgöz, "Vergi, Temsiliyet ve Demokrasi İlişkisi Üzerine Türkiye'de Vatandaşların Algıları"
ISS/EC 2010-01 Oya Pinar Ardic & Burcay Erus & Gurcan Soydan, "An Evaluation of Indirect Taxes in Turkey"