The following papers are published as part of Boğaziçi University Institute of Social Sciences working paper series. Please click the working paper numbers to download the papers.

EC 2011-10 Deniz Selman & Eleanor L. Harvill "Political Knowledge and the 2004 Presidential Election"
EC 2011-09 Deniz Selman "Optimal Sequencing of Presidential Primaries"
EC 2011-08 Deniz Selman "Coordination Frictions and Heterogeneity in Markets with Bidding"
EC 2011-07 Cem Iskender Aydin & Gokhan Ozertan & Begum Ozkaynak "Should Turkey Adopt GM Crops? A Social Multi-Criteria Evaluation for the Case of Cotton Farming in Turkey"
EC 2011-06 Ozan Hatipoglu & Onur Uyar "Do Bubbles Spill Over? Estimating Financial Bubbles in Emerging Markets"
EC 2011-05 Ceyhun Elgin "Taxes and the Informal Sector: An Evaluation and the Case of Turkey"
EC 2011-04 Ceyhun Elgin & Mario-Solis Garcia "Public Trust, Taxes and the Informal Sector"
ISS/EC 2011-03 Fikret Adaman & Ayse Mumcu "Collective Sanctions as a Remedy to the Household Waste Problem"
ISS/EC 2011-02 Ekrem Akkaya & Ayse Mumcu "ERSAMUS Student Exchange Programs: How to place students?"
ISS/EC 2011-01 Zeynep Kadirbeyoğlu & Gökhan Özertan "Users’ Perceptions of Water User Associations: Evidence From Three Cases in